Expansion of idea Writing Skills: Maharashtra Board Exam 2022

Expansion of idea Writing Skills: Maharashtra Board Exam 2022

Expansion of idea Writing Skills | Maharashtra Board Exam 2022

“A book cannot be judged by its cover”

“A book cannot be judged by its cover” simply state to us that we should not jump to any conclusion just by looking outer appearance of a person. Look at the example of jackfruit from outer appearance it looks very abnormal and has thorns but after cutting it we get a very sweet and tasty thing to eat. In the same way, we in our day-to-day life should not judge any person by outer appearance.

In school and college, Students complain about teachers for strict, discipline and punishment but in reality, all teachers love their students like their own children and they want them to learn properly. they want them to teach the values and morals thus they need to be strict.

Therefore I feel that just by reading the cover page of a book we must not jump to a conclusion rather than read the content of the book. Mother Teresa had a very simple appearance. But people all over the world remember and honor her. 

“Fortune Favours Brave” 

A person who comes across difficulties with courage and confidence can achieve success in their life. Fortune Favours Brave suggests that a person has to take risks in his day-to-day life. A person does not get success because of luck but because of daring to do something and face challenges and difficulties for victory. One who does not dare to do something new can never do a great deed.

We all know Columbus started a great voyage and lost the way even his people revolted against him but because of his bold nature, and courage only he was able to reach his destination. Also, look at the example of Vasco Da Gama and how he reached India’s Calicut Port.

This Proverb inspires us to face challenges with courage and bravery. people with courage get victory over difficulties and reach success. In the end, we can say another proverb “There are no gains without pains”.

“Knowledge is Power”

Knowledge is more powerful and we cannot do any great work without knowledge. knowledge is something that enriches a person to achieve great results and do the toughest work. there is no end to knowledge, till the last moment of our life we can seek knowledge. with the help of knowledge, man has conquered nature. No individual or nation can progress without knowledge.

Knowledge is superior to physical strength in gaining success. In history, we have seen many physically strong countries defeated by nations who are knowledgeable. Knowledge brings civility to man and utilizes the various forces from nature for the benefit of humankind. Man has reached this height of progress only due to knowledge and its proper application. World civilization and culture have experienced advancement due to knowledge only.

A teacher cannot teach students without knowledge. Students cannot pass the examination without knowledge. 

“Honesty is the Best Policy”

The phrase ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’ teaches that it is always better to tell truth instead of lying. Being honest will save us from serious problems or difficulties in our personal and professional life. An honest person can always be free from all worries.

Honesty helps in developing good qualities like kindness, discipline, truthfulness, good integrity, and more. Honest people are sincere, trustworthy, and loyal, throughout their life. There are popular quotes, said by a famous personality like “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”.

“Mahatma Gandhi was trusted by millions only because he took ‘honesty is the best policy as his way of life.”

Being honest is being a good human being in life. A good character person has nothing to hide from anyone and thus can be honest easily. Honesty gives us self-confidence without a bad feeling.

“Believing in yourself is believing in the best”

Believing in yourself is believing in the best means that if we wish to achieve success in life or want to achieve a certain goal, then it can only be done when we have utmost faith and belief in ourselves. We should believe in our capabilities and skills and must not get affected by people’s opinions”.

The Great Scientist Thomas Edison failed 1000 times while inventing Electric Bulb. People doubted him, and discourage him that an electric bulb can not be made. But he was never discouraged, it is the self-belief of Thomas Edison which kept him trying again-again and eventually he succeed and built the Electric Bulb.

Thus, stop doubting yourself and ignore people’s opinions and start to believe in yourself, in your knowledge and key skills these are the only factors that drive you to success.

“Humour is the Spice of Life”

Humour relaxes our minds from anxiety or tension. In one of his popular poems, John Mansfield advises us to laugh and be happy. He reminds us that life is short and we should make the best of it. 

A person who makes others laugh with a funny act will be liked by everyone. We know that laughter is the best medicine. But the ingredient to laughter is a sense of humour. Our attitude is to be cheerful and happy despite the stresses and frustration of life. 

We love those teachers who funnily teach us and use jokes. If we want to enjoy our life at every moment then we should keep those friends and relatives who always think positively and have a sense of humour. A true test of a sense of humour is the ability to laugh at oneself, at one’s weakness and foolishness. 

Humour encourages our immune system, controls our anger, and protects our hearts. Our approach and attitude towards negative things also become positive and we find positivity and goodness in everything. Hence, humor is the Spice of life.

‘Nature is the best teacher

The real lessons that you will learn to live life in a better way are the teachings of nature. There are many hidden treasures of nature that we can see with our open eyes and also some cannot be seen that includes sun, moon, trees, rain, oceans, fields, mountains, and many other things.

Each thing teaches us each lesson as sun teaches us how to shine in our life and moon teaches us how to be calm and shine even in darkness and tress teaches us how to share our shelter with others and food with others, and the river teaches us how to move forward in our life even when we facing challenges

Therefore, it is rightly said that ‘Nature is the best teacher for everything and anything we want to learn.

‘Friends – a real treasure ’

Friends are better known as companions we all need friends in our life they are the relish of our life as food without salt has no taste similarly without friends life has no taste. We all need friends to share our happiness, and sorrow, to support each other, and also to learn new things from each other, to always stand with them in the good and bad situations as their support system. And the real care of good friends is when they help you without being selfish, share every little joy and sadness of their life, even when you do acting not well.

Real friends are inspiration and motivation. They always make you happy when you are sad, they uplift you when you fall, they always push you to do good things, they guide you when you are on the wrong path, and make the friendship bond more strong.

We need friends in every moment of our life to have fun with them, to chill with them, to share our problems, and worries, and at last friends are the best therapist in our life. Hence friends are the real treasure of our life.

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expansion of idea topics

  1. expansion of idea honesty is the best policy
  2. where there is will there is a way expansion of the idea
  3. actions speak louder than words expansion of the idea
  4. charity begins at-home expansion of the idea
  5. a stitch in time saves nine expansions of the idea
  6. prevention is better than cure expansion of the idea
  7. honesty is the best policy expansion of the idea
  8. be the change you want to see expansion of idea
  9. perseverance is the key to success and expansion of the idea
  10. Rome was not built in a day expansion of the idea
  11. a friend in need is a friend indeed expansion of the idea
  12. traveling broadens the mind expansion of the idea
  13. expansion of idea where there is a will there is a way
  14. make hay while the sun shines expansion of idea
  15. look before you leap expansion on idea
  16. nature is the best teacher expansion of the idea
  17. a bad workman blames his tools expansion of idea
  18. one should eat to live not live to eat expansion of idea
  19. as you sow shall you reap expansion of idea
  20. as you sow so shall you reap expansion of idea
  21. beauty is truth truth is beauty expansion of idea
  22. action speaks louder than words expansion of idea
  23. health is wealth expansion of idea
  24. if winter comes can spring be far behind expansion of idea
  25. the wise man has long ears and a short tongue expansion of idea
  26. no pain no gain expansion of idea
  27. the pen is mightier than the sword expansion of idea
  28. nature is the best teacher expansion of idea
  29. clean city green city expansion of idea
  30. cut your coat according to your cloth expansion of idea
  31. hard work is the key to the successful expansion of idea
  32. knowledge is the power expansion of idea
  33. expansion of idea on one good turn deserves another
  34. dishonesty never pays in the long run expansion of idea
  35. laughter is the best medicine expansion of idea
  36. value of time in life expansion of idea
  37. all that glitters is not a gold expansion of idea
  38. justice delayed is justice denied expansion of idea
  39. an idle mind is a devil’s workshop expansion of idea
  40. man proposes god disposes of expansion of idea
  41. expansion of the idea on laughter is the best medicine
  42. slow and steady wins the race expansion of idea
  43. expansion of ideas on honesty is the best policy
  44. god helps those who help themselves expansion of idea
  45. speech is silver silence is a golden expansion of idea
  46. what counts is trying expansion of idea
  47. expansion of ideas on Rome was not built in a day
Expansion of idea Writing Skills
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