FYBCOM Business Communication MCQ: Mumbai University 2021

FYBCOM Business Communication MCQ 

Module – 1: Theory of Communication
Concept of Communication, Impact of technology Enabled Communication, Communication at Workplace, Business Ethics, Problems in Communication / Barriers to Communication, Listening

Module – 2: Business Correspondence
Theory of Business Letter Writing, Personnel Correspondence :
Module – 3: Language and Writing Skills
Commercial Terms used in Business Communication, Paragraph Writing,

FYBCOM Business Communication Semester II

Module-1: Group Communication
Interviews, Meetings, Committees and Conferences, Public Relations

Module-2: Business Correspondence
Trade Letters: Letters of Inquiry, Letters of Complaints, Claims, Sales Letters, Consumer Grievance Redreesed Letters, Letters under Right to Information (RTI) Act

Module-3: Language and Writing Skills
Reports and Business Proposals, Summarisation, Tutorial Activities

  1. ——is the response given by the receiver to the sender’s message.
    a)Encoding b)Decoding c)Feedback d)Medium
  2. ——–gives legal validity to a letter.
    a)Subject line b)Signature c)Confidential notation d)Encloser block
  3. ——-is a form of non-verbal communication
    a)Letter b)Circular c)Report d)Facial expressions
  4. Notices and circulars are examples of…..communication.
    a)Upward b)Downward c)Grapevine s)Horizontal
  5. Moodle is a tool for——–
    a)Twitter b)E-learning c) Whats App d)Facebook
  6. The Latin term_________ is the source for the English word communication.
    (a) Communis (b) Communist (c) Communal (d) Community
  7. Communication that moves from a superior to a subordinate is an example of_________
    (a) Upward (b) Downward (c) Horizontal (d) Circular
  8. _________is a psychological barrier.
    (a) Noise (b) Abstracting (c) Unfamiliar language (d) Multiplicity of meaning
  9. ___________communication has reference value.
    (a) Written (b) Oral (c) Face-to-Face (d) Non-verbal
  10. _________ is a non-verbal feature of Oral Communication.
    (a) Paralanguage (b) Colour (c) Map (d) symbol
  11. a. Signs and __________ were mainly used when language did not exist.
    i. Telegrams ii. letters iii. symbols iv. cell phones
  12. Visual communication happens through _________.
    i. Sound ii. Pictures iii. Language iv. Music
  13. Noise and distance are considered to be ________ barriers.
    i. Cultural ii. Physical iii. Mechanical iv. Semantic
  14. ______________ gives legal validity to a letter.
    i. Subject line ii. Signature iii. Enclosures iv. Date
  15. ____________ scans incoming mails
    i. Virus protection software ii. CD iii. Filter iv. Censor
  16. The process of giving an abstract idea a concrete form is called ____________.
    a) planning b) encoding c) medium d) decoding
  17. Meetings, Speeches, Interviews are examples of _______________.
    a) Non Verbal communication b) Proxemics c) Oral communication d) written
  18. ________________ is a two way process.
    a) Order b) Command c) Warning d) Communication
  19. ______________ is a psychological barrier.
    a) Closed mind b) Noise c) Language d) Environment
  20. ______________ is an informal channel of communication.
    a) Paralanguage b) Grapevine c) Upward communication d) Written communication
  21. _____________ is an e-learning tool.
    a) Whats App b) Facebook c) Moodle d) Blog
  22. ______________ is an optional part of business letters.
    a) Date b) Inside address c) Letter head d) Identification initials
  23. Resistance to change is a ______________ barrier to communication.
    a) Physical b) Psychological c) Semantic d) Cross- Cultural
  24. ______________ Communication takes place across the organizational hierarchy.
    a) Upward b) Downward c) Diagonal d) Horizontal
  25. The Latin term ______________ is the source for the English word communication.
    a) Communis b) Communist c) Communal d) Community
  26.  ————- is converting your ideas into message.
    (a) Decoding (b) Listening (c) Encoding (d) Observing
  27. ————- is an online communication system.
    (a) Word (b) E-mail (c) SMS (d) None of these
  28. ———– is an example of non-verbal communication.
    (a) T.V (b) Body language (c) Singing (d) Teleconferencing
  29. Suggestion scheme encourages ————– communication.
    (a) Upward (b) Downward  (c) Horizontal (d) Diagonal
  30. ————- is a physical barrier.
    (a) Listening (b) Closed mind (c) Time and distance (d) Resistance to change
  31. A selection interview is a type of……..interview.
    (Media, Business, Trade)
  32. The RTI Act came into force in the year………
    (1995, 2000, 2005)
  33. The full form of AIDA is…….., Interest, Desire, Action.
    (Attraction, Attention, Appeal)
  34. A………Letter of Inquiry is sent in response to an advertisement.
    (Solicited, Responsive, Invited)
  35. The full form of EGM is……..General Meeting.
    (Extraordinary, Emergency, Exceptional)
  36. Public Relation is an……..activity.
    (On-going, Unplanned, Occasional)
  37. A/An……..interview is conducted for an employee who is leaving an organization.
    (Exit, farewell, Good-by)
  38. A…….Order is placed for a new product is launched in the market.
    (Trail, Temporary, Time-bound)
  39. Promotional Leaflets and Fliers are used for……..promotion.
    (Sales, Academic, Post)
  40. A/An……is the list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting.
    (Itinerary, Agenda, Schedule)
  41. A Selection or Employment Interview is also known as a …….interview.
    (Job, Segregation, Selector)
  42. If The Chairperson is……the conference activity suffers.
    (Too weak, Too dominating, Either too dominating or to weak)
  43. A group interview is similar to a……
    (Group discussion, Panel interview, Structured interview)
  44. The first step towards organizing a meeting is to…….
    (Decide the venue, determine the purpose, inform the members)
  45. …….refers to a meeting for discussion or an exchange f views.
    (Board meeting, Committee meeting, Conference)
  46. ……..is an ongoing activity.
    (Public relations, group discussion, conference)
  47. A/An…..provides a personal touch that promotes goodwill.
    (Open House, Press Conference, Exhibition)
  48. Justice delayed is justice…….
    (Denied, delivered, granted)
  49. ……are designed to be handed out to people for Sale Promotion.
    (Leaflets, Memos, Reports)
  50. A/An……report deals with the assessment and promotion of employees
    (Project, Appraisal, Inspection)

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