Mind Mapping: English Paper Solution 2021

Mind Mapping: English Paper Solution 2021

Q.2. (C) Mind Mapping:

Read the following extract carefully and present the information in the form of a mind map.

A noun is a naming word: it denotes the name of a person, place, things, language, bird, animals, insect, creature, day, month, river, hill mountain, branch of knowledge, quality, Idea, etc.

Nouns are classified as proper nouns and common nouns.

Proper nouns: Gandhi, Ambedkar, Hyderabad, English, Hindi, Telugu, Sunday, January, Philosophy, the Yamuna, Godavari, the Nilgiris. The Himalayas etc.

Common nouns: Father, poet, capital, city, language, day, month, subject, river, animal, peacock, fish, etc.

Common nouns can be countable or uncountable. Countable nouns have singular and plural forms: boy-boys, girl-girls, town-towns, computer- computers, foot-feet, tooth-teeth, mouse-mice, man-men, woman-women, etc.

Uncountable nouns have no plural forms: milk rice, oil, water, etc.

Common nouns based on meaning, are classified into four categories: concrete nouns, abstract nouns, material nouns, and collective nouns. Words that represent objects that can be seen touch and proceed are called concrete nouns:  a student, a room, an ant, an engine, a building, a house, a pigeon, a parrot, a plant, a tree, etc.

Nouns that represent something that cannot be seen or touch but can be only be imagined or felt are known as abstract nouns. They express/denote an ide, quality, state, action, or branch of knowledge: disease, death, knowledge, taste, smell, softness, war, happiness, neatness, Botany, grammar, beauty, divinity, worship, etc.

Material nouns are words like gold, silver, iron, mercury, etc.

Collective nouns are words like herd, committee, police, parliament, jury, etc.

mind mapping

Q.2. (C) Mind Mapping:

Develop a mind mapping frame or designed to show the development in your personality is a screen within yourself in the last five years you can take help of the following points in order to develop each of them into further branches.

(Development in physique, Self-learning process, Communication Skills, Social Awareness, Family Responsibility)

Mind Mapping

Q.2. (C) Mind Mapping:

Develop a mind mapping frame design to show the variety of sports to the students. You can take help of the following points in order to develop each of them into for the branches.

(Individual sport, water sport, contact sport, team sport, etc.)

Mind Mapping

Q.2. (C) Mind Mapping:

The moment we think about the forest or wood so many things comes to our mind before our eyes. prepare a mind map about the forest telling the importance of the benefit of the forest to us.

Q.2. (C) Mind Mapping:

You and your family are thinking to visit a hill station this summer. Prepare a mind mapping frame for it with the help of the following points.

(Place to visit, Mode of Transportation. Accommodation., Stuff to carry with you, and anything that comes in your mind related to it.)

Mind Mapping

Q.2. (C) Mind Mapping:

You all are studying in 12th standard till now you have studied different languages like Marathi, Hindi, English, and so on. In languages, we do read about literature and its type/ genres and subtypes. Prepare a mind map of literature and its subtype that you know.

Q.2. (C) Mind Mapping:

This year you are completing the 18th year of your age for the celebration of your birthday. You have different ideas in your mind about the venue, snacks, invitation, expenditure, and so on. Prepare a mind map about the different things that are coming into your mind and present it in a graphical form.

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Reference: Uttam’s Noble Publication House 

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