Psychology of Human Behaviour at Work TYBCOM Sem 6 important questions Mumbai University

Psychology of Human Behaviour at Work TYBCOM Sem 6, Psychology of Human Behaviour at Work (IP ) TYBCOM Semester 6, tybcom sem 6 important questions of Mumbai University 2023

If you are searching for an Important question about TYBCOM Psychology of Human Behaviour at Work IP subject semester-6 and TYBCOM Psychology at Work semester-6, I must say you are right place. I have added an important question module-wise check below with notes and old Mumbai university question papers of psychology of human behaviour at work tybcom sem 6.

psychology of human behaviour at work tybcom sem 6

Module / Unit – 1

  • Define team, Describe the different types of teams
  • Differentiate between team and group. Describe the problem-solving team and self-managed team.
  • Discuss how team composition affects team effectiveness.
  • Explain the impact of any three contextual factors related to team effectiveness.
  • What are the different team process that influences team effectiveness?
  • Discuss team efficiency, level of conflict, and social loafing as factors influencing team effectiveness.

Module / Unit – 2

  • Explain various conflicts management techniques
  • Describe the role of intentions in the conflict process.
  • Compare and contrast between distributive and integrative bargaining strategies.
  • Write a note on distributive bargaining.
  • Define conflict. Explain the traditional and resolution-focused view of conflicts.

Module / Unit – 3

  • Define emotions and moods, Differentiate between emotions and mood
  • Briefly explain the sources of emotions and moods
  • Explain any three applications of emotions and moods
  • Discuss the impact of emotions and moods on negotiation, customer services, and deviant workplace behaviours.
  • What is emotional intelligence? Discuss the arguments for and against emotional intelligence

Module / Unit – 4

  • Identify the different factors that act as stimulants to change.
  • Discuss the individual variables that moderate the effect of experienced stress.
  • what are the various organizational approaches to managing stress?
  • Explain the various organizational factors that cause stress.
  • Discuss different individual approaches to managing stress.

Short Notes:

  1. 1.Basic Emotions
  2. 2.Regulation of emotions/ emotion regulation
  3. 3.Differentiate between Team and Group
  4. 4.Cross-functional team
  5. 5.Contextual factors influencing team effectiveness
  6. 6.Interactionist view of conflicts
  7. 7.Conflict management techniques
  8. 8.Personality, social activities, and age as sources of emotion
  9. 9.Environmental factors as a potential source of stress
  10. 10.Relationship between stress and job performance
  11. 11.Stimulants of change

Psychology of Human Behaviour at Work TYBCOM Sem 6

TYBCOM Psychology of Human Behaviour at Work (IP)


psychology of human behaviour at work tybcom sem 6



Paper pattern of IP subject

Q.1 Objectives  20 Marks
Q.2 Answer any two of the following (three questions will be given in form a,b,c) 15 marks
Q. 3   15 Marks
Q.4 15 Marks
Q.5 15 marks
Q.6 Write a Short Notes (Any four ) six questions will be asked  20 Marks


How to write long answers to theory papers:

(1)Start with an introduction

(2) draw a diagram or mind mapping of points

(3) explain the points

(4) conclusions



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