SYBCOM Foundation Course semester 3 important questions IDOL Mumbai University

SYBCOM Foundation Course semester 3 important questions IDOL Mumbai University

SYBCOM Foundation Course semester 3 important questions | sybcom foundation course sem 3 IDOL Mumbai University

 Q.1 a) Explain the following concepts; (Any 5)

  1. Informal communication
  2. Team building
  3. Effective listening
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Technology
  6. Mitigation of Disasters
  7. Recovery after Disaster
  8. Superstition
  9. Political rights
  10. Legal rights
  11. Schedule rights
  12. Team building
  13. Religious minority
  14. Non-verbal communication
  15. Reflective listening
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A) Discuss the condition of woman with regard to their health, education and employment.

A) Discuss the important constitutional and legal provisions for children in India

A) How are the Human Rights of Disabled Persons violated? Explain the laws that protects their rights.


B) In what way do rights of disabled persons violated? Comment on the laws that protect their rights

B) Explain the forms of Violations of Human rights of Women in India .

B) Examine the Constitutional and Legal rights of minorities in India


a) What are redressal mechanisms? Describe any one such mechanism introduced by the Government of India for the Indian citizens.

a) Discuss the impact of floods on human life. Suggest some measure for protection.

a) What are the major types of disasters? Explain the physical and psychological effects of disasters.


b) Describe any one way in which women are protected against domestic violence through the Domestic violence Act, 2005.

b) Define the disaster mitigation explain the different objectives of disaster mitigation.

b) Suggest various measures to be taken before, during and after floods and droughts


a) Briefly explain the concept and types of disasters.

a)What is the striking feature of Early Greek contributions to science? Explain in detail.


b) Define the term Habitat Loss. Suggest some remedial measures to
protect natural Habitat?

b) Discuss the positive and negative impacts of science and technology on human health



a) State the importance of body language in effective communication

a) Define the term psychological barriers to communication. What are different types of psychological barriers to communication.


b) Explain the meaning of technology. What role does technology play in everyday life of man?

b) Discuss the guidelines before the interview, during the interview and after the interview.


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