How to Choose Career: Devoted, focused and Passionate towards what you’re doing

How to Choose Career: Devoted, focused and Passionate towards what you’re doing

How to Choose Career

Today, when we have a lot of opportunities available in different sectors and so many options, are available and we are confused because we have a limited amount of time, so how do we choose a career or any course?

What are the career options? Whether we should go for engineering or we should go for architecture or we should go for a media or we should go for accountants or we should go for the management or we should choose any other professional course and so on…….

A lot of people today are deciding the career depending upon what they will get out of it, Kind of a lifestyle, Salary. But this is the wrong way to approach because you will have everything mow but you will have nothing in the end with life. Your life is precious to you and if it’s precious to you, how you are going to invest this precious life into is something that must concern you most.

You must not do something because of what others doing it”

“You must not do something because others not doing it” This is not the way to decide the career.

You’re investing your precious life so you must see what really matters to you and you must do that thing.

It doesn’t matter it pays you more or less or if it’s doesn’t pay. But believe in yourself. If your heart and mind are not in something really you will not do your best yes or no?  If you don’t do your best how will great things happen to you?

See whether it is – art, music, design, business, accounts, sport, spirituality, politics, or any other professional courses……if you are not absolutely devoted and focused or Passionate towards what you’re doing you will never do anything significant in your life that’s for 100% I’m telling you. You may earn a living but you will not do anything significant. If you are not totally devoted or focused on something say right now and decide what things you do most and enjoyed by doing it.

How to Choose Career

So here a few steps to follow before selecting any career or courses:

Know yourself /decide your goals:

It is very important to know yourself before choosing a career or any courses. You must know yourself from inside that “what is your potential? “What is your strength? What is the capability? What are you good at? What are the skills do you have that others don’t have, and what’s is your weakness? And most important what do you want to become after 5 years after 10 years? Where you want to see yourself after 5 years or after 10 years? “You must decide today what is your dreams and goals, accordingly you must select an appropriate career or any course that will help you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Collect information as per your interest

Information is wealth so it’s very important before taking any decision you must collect information from reliable sources according to your area of interest, collect information from people who are working in the same industry where you want to make a career or collect info from experienced people. Reliable information helps you to take the right decision for the future.

Understand Future requirements

If you see the world economy is a growing rapidly and in recent time economy is changing so we must analyze what kind of skills will require for the future accordingly you can collect information about different courses and select any career option where more opportunity available for future according to your area of interest.

Are you satisfied or not?

Satisfaction is more important in life so whatever you are going to do you must enjoy it while doing it. If you not happy or satisfied with your work you will never give your best and that makes you feel ashamed to do what you do but you must not regret it in the future.

Present Financial condition

I know nobody’s talk about the financial condition but according to me nowadays it is very important to understand your financial condition and your parent’s expectation. If your financial condition is not good then you can select the course where you have to pay less fee. I have been working and studying for so many years that course will never decide your career your skills does and skills can be developed by practicing daily.

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