How to Learn English Faster: Best Way of Learning English Speaking Skills

How to Learn English Faster

Is it possible to improve our English within 30 days or to learn a language within 30 days?

I would say yes definitely but bearing in mind you must spend quality time practicing for English communication skills or learning any new languages, but we don’t know how do we practice it? so I am going to share a few tips to learn easily and effectively not only English speaking but also any other foreign languages.  There are four things that you must do regularly to learn English Speaking skills or any other languages.

How to Learn English Faster


Reading is best practice to learn and understand any languages so Read as much as possible daily for ten minutes, reading will help you to build up your vocabulary and also to build up the content read whatever you like if your interest is sports, entertainment, fashion, technology whatever is your area of interest go ahead pick up a newspaper or a magazine, pick up any book and start reading it. This will not only help you with the vocabulary but also going to help you to develop your content for any other seminars or speeches that you may probably give in the future.


Writing is very important for learning any language so write whatever you read on a daily basis that helps you a better understanding of English languages and it corrects our pronunciation and builds up vocabulary. Spend 10 minutes daily for writing small stories or daily routines what you did the whole day.


Listen more and more listen to English videos, English movies, or speeches listening will help you to structure yourself and the content that you wish to deliver so when you attend any seminars or when you watch English movies it will not only help you to develop your good communication skills but you will also increase your awareness about various things so the first thing is listening remember we learned our mother tongue by listening.


Speak whenever you get any opportunity even if it is in broken sentences, take that opportunity, and speak. speaking will help you to gain the confidence you will slowly notice that you’re self-correcting yourself which is the first sign of success. 


Basic Grammer and Tenses  Learn basic grammar for learning English like tenses Simple tenses- Continuous tenses- perfect tenses, articles, and prepositions. A list of words and verbs which I have already included in my basic English speaking course

Here Few Tips to learn languages easily  

  1. Talk with real people

    Just consider how many times you’ve heard people say that they “understand, but can’t speak English.” so find people around you and speak with them will help you gain confidence and you will realize speaking English very easily.

  2. YouTube channels

    The are many YouTubers who speak like native speakers so follow at least three native speakers. There are many English-speaking podcasts or Youtube channels available free for you. Subscribe to a few and listen while roaming or watch during free time. At first, you would possibly find the native accents difficult, but continue with it and you’ll soon start to grasp what you hear.

  3. Traveling

    You can learn while traveling to different places or foreign countries. when you travel you meet with so many strangers they speak like native speaker communicate with them will help you learn languages easily.

  4. Ask lots of questions

    Be curious about learning English ask questions to different people at different places like vlogger and blogger do. Nowadays there are many apps available on the google play store Use them for practice.

The last and the most important one is to observe and interpret body language, believe it or not, but communication is more nonverbal than verbal tone and body language plays a very important role as much as words do. so when we are conversing it’s not only the verbal words that we actually deliver but also how we deliver them. The tone that we use, the body language, or the gestures, that we have while we are speaking to another person. so try to observe good speakers also try to emulate certain gestures that they use that will help you to improve your communication skills.

So finally the five things you must do daily and practice religiously is listen speak read and observe if you are doing this religiously I can assure you that you will improve your communication skills very fast.

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