How to Prepare IDOL Online Exams 2021: Mumbai University

How to Prepare IDOL Online Exams 2021: Mumbai University

How to Prepare IDOL Online Exams 2021?

Marks and Passing Criteria

The passing marks of IDOL per subject are 35 out of 100 marks. IDOL conducting an online exam of 50 MCQ per subject so each question carries 2 marks for passing 20 MCQ must be correct out of 50 MCQ. Students have to attempt 40 out of 50 questions.

Mock Test

It is compulsory for every student to attempt a mock test. It is only conducted for student details verification and students should be able to understand the system easily for final papers. So mock test marks do not affect results.

Online Exam Rules and Regulations download the PDF Click Here

How to prepare for IDOL online exams?/ Tips and Tricks

Study conceptual subject-wise and practice MCQ online. Preparing for IDOL online examination you must learn how to find answers on google. For detailed information watch the video below:

User ID and Password

IDOL students will receive a user ID and password 5 days earlier before the examination on their mobile or on email. and same user ID and password will be used for all papers including mock tests.

Browser (Mobile and PC/ Laptop)

Giving IDOL online exam Mobile device Laptop is best and Chrome browser is best for IDOL online exams.


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FYBCOM MCQ Click Here 

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  1. Sir , actually I submitted all 50 questions and pop up came u are terminated from exam online and after that
    I login again exam showing complete kya kuch issue hoga ya complete hogya kuch negitive impect pdega kya plz help

  2. FYBCOM SEM2 ka aaj First Pepper mai niche camera chalu nahi dikha raha tha so I want to know is baar camera chalu hai?

  3. Hi sir,

    Today I’m given MHRM Exam and i have 38 questions submitted so is that does impact on my exam
    Please clear my doubt 🙏

    Please help

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