Skills in Demand and Highest Paying Jobs Skills 2021

Skills in Demand and Highest Paying Jobs Skills 2021

If you are searching for What skills will be most in-demand in the future and highest paying jobs or highest salary jobs so you are at the right place.

So the year 2020 changed everything. And we cannot go back to the old ways of doing things. In fact, almost every aspect of our lives is going to be different in the future. such as the way we shop, do business, and communicate, etc. So to make sure you are aware and going forward for your future career to achieve regardless of the new difference in different sectors of the global market. So there are certain Skills in Demand in 2021 and for future graduates.

Digital Skills

According to recent research, there are billions of active social media users globally. So making a career in Digital Skills is a good choice and it has demand in the future. Digital Skills include Social Media, Program Marketing, Analytics, Content Marketing, Email, Social Selling, Video, etc. Apart from that have skills such as  Cloud, API, Low Code, 5G will provide huge job opportunities globally.

To learn digital skills start from YouTube, Udemy, and Google for free. Later enroll certified course online which is available at a minimal fee but my suggestion is you start from a free platform.

The average salary for a Digital Marketing as a beginner level or fresher is approximately 3.0 Lakhs to 4. Lakhs annually. It will depend on various other factors like skills, organization, and city of work.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation Skills

Artificial Intelligence has reached a point today, where it can surpass human decision-making, more accurately consistently 24 /7 and based on more facts which is why Artificial Intelligence and ML (Machine Learning) Engineers are on top of the sport.

As they are those leading the path into our future. But you need a certain skill set to be an AI & ML engineer. We can start by learning essential math and statistics and by learning the programming language and Python.

You are also required to know the tools and technologies involved in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks.

There are many companies that pay handsome amounts such as Google, Uber, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And the average paying salary of 171,000 US dollars or 20 LPA in India to AI and ML engineers.

Software Developers

To Become a Software developer you must know different languages Programming skills Problem-solving Computer programming and coding, Java, Python, C#/.Net, and Software engineering is a good career choice and it is one of the most skilled in demand in 2021 and for the future globally.

Software developers analyze users’ needs and then design, test, and develop software to meet the user’s needs. you can gain experience in this area by taking relevant coursework and completing an internship at a software company. Software developer jobs are projected to increase by a whopping 24% from 2016 to 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

According to the BLS’s Occupational Employment Statistics, the mean annual wage for software developers of applications is $108,080, while for developers of systems software, it is slightly higher at $114,000. The salary will differ from country to country and one company to company.


This is the best time to make a career in cybersecurity.  Start from the basics and understand the company’s needs and according take a certification course that helps to get hired by the company.

To specialize in cybersecurity you must have knowledge about programming languages C, C++ Python, PHP, Ruby, Bash, Powershell, Assembly, JavaScript- Used for XSS exploits, SQL- Used for SQL Injections.

According to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, India’s cybersecurity market is predicted to grow from USD 1.97 billion in 2019 to USD 3.05 billion by 2022. According to KPMG, the annual compensation for cybersecurity heads ranges from 2 Cr to 4 Cr annually.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Critical thinking is that the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. Critical thinking has been the topic of much debate and thought since the time of early Greek philosophers like Plato and Socrates and has continued to be a topic of dialogue into the fashionable age, for instancethe power to acknowledge fake news.

Critical Thinking and Analysis are varied and include observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem-solving.

Inbound Digital Market

Inbound marketing could be a business methodology that draws customers by creating valuable content and experiences customized to them. Digital Marketing may be a new trend in marketing within the digital world. this may be grown up day by day. little question it’s an excellent platform where you’ll make money.

India is that the second populated country in the world. many companies are established here. Now every company hired candidates for digital marketing to be conscious of their product and services. This trend will never go down. you’ll earn a handsome salary. you furthermore may make an honest career in this field.

The Average Salary of a Digital marketer is ranging from (3–5)LPA for the beginner.


Skills in Demand and Highest Paying Jobs Skills


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