Drafting a Virtual Messages class 12 English Paper Solution

Drafting a Virtual Messages class 12 English Paper Solution

Drafting a Virtual Messages class 12 English Paper Solution

Imagine yourself as Ramesh. You are required to go to Pune to participate in the National Level Chess Competition and hence you won’t be able to attend the class test. Draft a virtual message for your friend Sanket in about 50 to 75 words asking him to convey the reason for your absence to your subject teacher.


10 Feb 1:00 PM

Hi Sanket,

I have to go to Pune to participate in the National Level Chess Competition. I got this news just an hour back. I will return after two days. So I will not attend tomorrow’s English class test. Could you please tell Priti Ma’am about my absence? Tell her I am sorry and will give a test later if necessary.



Q.4. (A) Complete the activities as per the instruction given below:   [4]

1.Using information from the dialogue given below, write the message which Ram left for her sister, Pooja. Do not leave out any vital information or add any new information.


Ms. Pooja

Atharva from Indore IIM called up saying that he got placement at Taj Goa with immediate effect. Getting all formalities completed, will let you know the new cell number once he gets it.

Mr. Ram

2. Draft a Virtual Message:

You are Pooja, a personal assistant to Mr. Ram. He was away attending a meeting when Mr. Shaym rang up. you spoke to him and noted down his message on your note-pad.

Draft a message for Mr. Ram using the information in your notes given below.

Mr. Shayam- rang up- 5 pm- has received the manuscript and CD’s – coming tomorrow – to thank Mr. Ram personly – to handover the cheque.

13th February 2020. Time: 5.00 pm

Mr. Shayam from Pune called up saying he has received the manuscript and CDs. Mr. Shayam told me he is coming tomorrow at 3.00 pm to thank and handover a cheque.

Ms. Pooja

3. Draft a virtual message

Ankita comes home from the office and notices the door of his flat/house is locked. As he had another key with him, he opens the door and enters the house. On the table, he finds a note left for him by his husband saying that he had to rush to the school of his son who has met with an accident. He also has written if any emergency is there, he will inform her immediately. He has also told her to take his evening snacks and she could heat them in the microwave if she wants it hot, and has asked her to be very careful while handling the microwave switch. Draft a message which Ankita’s Hansband has left for her.


13th Feb 2020.

Ms. Ankita,

I have gone to Rahul’s school as he met with an accident. Will inform you if any emergency has evening snacks kept on the table. If needed heat it in a microwave oven but be careful while handling the microwave and switches.

Mr. Vinit

4. Read the following conversation between Ms. Asha and Ashish

Ms. Aasha: Hello, may I speak to Adhir, Please?

Ashish: Adhir is getting ready for his office, May I know who is speaking?

Ms. Aasha: My name is Aasha. I am Adhir’s colleague from his office.

Ashish: Hello. Aasha. I am Adhir’s mother, is there any message for him to be given?

Ms. Aasha: Yes, please ask him to bring yesterday’s confidential Reports of Employee file to the office today. Yesterday, it was given to him. Our boss would like to see it today before tomorrow’s final audit and inspection.

Ashish: I will definitely inform him.

Since Ms. Asha had to go for her morning walk she left a message for Adhir. Draft that message in 50 words.


13th February 2020

7.45 Am

Dear Adhir,

Your colleague called up half an hour ago and requested you to bring the Employees Confidential Report file as your boss is going to verify it before the auditor’s inspection.

Ms. Aasha (Mother)

5. Using the information given below, write a message which Manoj left for his brother Pravin, do not add any new information, and your message should be in less than 50 words.

Avinash range up – Fountain pen exhibition by world-famous brand Mountlanc pens and Calligraphy learning by India’s well-known caliggrapher Achyut Palav – Jehangir Art Gallery – 10 am to 5 pm – pick you up at 9 am attend calligraphy session together – entry fees id Rs. 1000.

With the help of the details given above complete the template is given below.

Call For
From: Company:
Date Time: Phone:
Action (Circle one) Taken By
Phoned Returned your call Call back Will call Again


Call For Pravin
From: Avinash Company: NIL
Date: 10th Feb 2020 Time: 5.00 pm Phone: 9324646234
 Fountain pen exhibition of famous brand Mountblanc pen and Calligraphy class of Achyut Palav Sir
 Tomorrow Location Jehangir Art Gallery, Kalaghoda from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Entry fee 1000 only Will receive you at 9.30 am, will go together.

Action (Circle one) Taken By: Manoj
Phoned Returned your call Call back Will call Again

Drafting a Virtual Messages

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Reference: Uttam’s Noble Publication House

Drafting a Virtual Messages English Paper Solution HSC Board, How to write Drafting a Virtual Messages for HSC board Exam with examples


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