Foundation Course semester 2 important questions IDOL Mumbai University

Foundation Course semester 2 important questions IDOL Mumbai University

Module/Unit-1- Questions No. 2

  • What is Liberalization? Discuss the advantages of liberalization.
  • What is globalization? Explain the impacts of globalization on employment.
  • What is liberalization? What are the benefits and limitations of liberalization?
  • What is Globalization? Explain the impact of globalization on the Indian Economy
  • Explain the concept of Privatization and Liberalization in detail.
  • Briefly describe the role of corporate farming in India.
  • Explain in detail about ‘Corporate Farming’& ‘Farmer’s Suicide’
  • Explain in detail about ‘Agrarian Crises’ & ‘Corporate Farming’
  • What is Migration? Explain the causes and effects of migration.
  • Information and Communication Technology has become an important tool in modern man’s life – Discuss.

Module/Unit-1- Questions No. 3

  • Explain in detail about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Define ‘Fundamental rights’ and explain any three fundamental rights of Indian citizens.
  • What is ‘Human Rights? Explain the important landmarks in the development of human rights.
  • Define Human Rights. Explain its evaluation and characteristics.
  • Define Ecosystem. Explain its structure and function.
  • What is environmental degradation? Explain its causes and impacts.

Module/Unit-1- Questions No. 4

  • Explain the impact of the environment on human life and animal life.
  • How does stress and conflict affect a person’s life?
  • What is conflict? Explain its causes and effects
  • What are values? Explain the various types and significance of values.
  • Explain the role of ethics & values in individual development.
  • What are the agents of socialization?

Short Notes

  • Sustainable development
  • Benefits of Globalization
  • Concept of human rights
  • Causes of water pollution
  • significance of values
  • Maslow’s theory of self-actualization
  • Characteristics of Human Rights
  • Corporate Farming
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Causes of Stress
  • Types of Conflicts
  • Importance of environmental studies
  • Aggression
  • Liberalization


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