HSC English Writing Skills: Literary Genre – Novel 2021

HSC English Writing Skills

In this Article we will learn Literary Genre – Novel or novel section class 12 HSC Board Exam 2022, how to prepare for novel section class 12 English paper. 12th English Question bank Solution 2022 of Maharashtra board exam 2022.

HSC English Writing Skills Literary Genre - Novel 2021


Q.5. (A) Do the Following as per the instruction    (16 Marks)

(I) Match the column:

Novella Tale of Genji
Joseph Conrad New
Murasaki Shikabu Cervantes
Don Quixote The Hearty of Darkness


Novella New
Joseph Conrad The Hearty of Darkness
Murasaki Shikabu Tale of Genji
Don Quixote  Cervantes

(II) Pick out the odd elements from the group and rewrite the sentence.

  1. Place, Period, Theme, Climate, life-style
  2. Realistic, psychological, Autobiographical, Complex, Picaresque.
  3. Anita Desai, Nayantara Sehgal, R K Narayan, Herman Melville.
  4. Theme, Language/style, Characters, Stream of Consciousness, Setting.


Odd Element: Herman Melville

Anita Desai, Nayantara Sehgal, R K Narayan

Odd Element: Theme

Place, Period, Climate, life-style

Odd Element: Stream of Consciousness

Theme, Language/style, Characters, Setting.

Odd Element: Complex

Realistic, psychological, Autobiographical, Picaresque.

HSC English Writing Skills: Literary Genre – Novel 2021

Q.5. (B) Write the answers to the following questions in about 50 words:

  1. Write a short note on the ‘Theme’ of the novel/extract “To Sir with Love”.
  2. Write a sort characters sketch of Ricky Braithwaite, the narrator of the novel “To Sir with Love”

(1) The major themes of the novel are student-teacher relationship, bias, racism. When the protagonist E R Braithwaite gets a job as a teacher in East End School he noticed that the students coming to his class were notorious and had no schooling background. Students were not in a mood to change their behavior and attitude. Braithwaite with his innovative ideas ad by understanding student’s psychology wins their heart in a very short period of time. He did not lose his patience even though students harassed him, bullied him. he continued with his novel methods of teaching and it brings a change in the behavior of his students. 

(2) ER Braithwaite is a British man who tells the story of his first year of teaching at Greens lade Secondary School. Prior to becoming a teacher, he served 6 years in the military and after the military, he applied for many engineering jobs. He had trouble finding the job of prejudice. An encounter with a stranger on a park bench led Braithwaite towards a teaching career.

The man believed that skin colour would not matters in a teaching profession and post-war London had a teaching shortage. Braithwaite had some insecurities when he started teaching but slowly he becomes the confidant of his teaching abilities.

He genuinely cares about the students and earns their respect. By the end of the school year, Braithwaite is the beloved, warmly accepted teacher who becomes well known in the community. Braithwaite is an intelligent, sensitive man who is able to motivate his students.

Q.5. (C) Write the answers to the following questions in about 50 words:

  1. Write in short about the ‘Plot’ of the Novel “Around the World in 80 Days”
  2. Write a short synopsis of Chapter 34 and 35 of the novel “Around the world in 80 Days”


(1) ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ begins on the reform club in England with Phileas Fogg, Thomas Fllenten, and John Sullivan sitting by a fireplace reading a newspaper. Here only we are introduced with Fogg as a Precise man who regularly goes to Reform Club.
There these four were talking about a bank robbery and the discussion lead to a bet. Fogg is quite sure that he can travel around the World in 80 days whereas Sullivan can’t believe that it is possible.
According to them, Fogg was not considering something unexpected. Finally, the bet is accepted for 20,000 pounds. This is the beginning of the entire plot from then on we see how Fogg goes around the world and we all witness the amazing adventures that he has with his companions.
Finally, Fogg wins the bet and in the course of his travel, he finds himself a warm, charming beautiful wife in Aouda.

(2) In the 34th chapter as soon as Fogg, Aouda and Passepartout arrive in Liverpool, the detective fix arrests Fogg. Phileas is thrown in jail. After many hours Fix realizes his mistake that it was not Fogg who has robbed the bank but somebody else has done it who was looking somewhat similar to Fogg.
Fix release the Fogg. Fogg, Aouda, and Passepartout reach Liverpool railway station and orders a special train for London, however, they arrive late in London making everyone disappointed including themself.
Phileas and company are now broke, the deadline for the bet has passed, and there’s nothing to do but go home and pout. Phileas and company worried and can’t eat and sleep the whole night.
Fogg apologizes to Aouda for unable to provide for her comfort as a result of losing a bet. She proposes to him for marriage and Fogg joyfully agrees to that.

Q.5. (D) Write the answers to the following questions in about 50 words:

  1. Dr. Watson the narrator is one of the major characters in the novel. Explain
  2. The extract begins when Mary Morstan meets Sherlock Holmes at his house. after that Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Mary visit some places in London. Explain in detail the various places mentioned in the extract


(1)Watson is Holmes partner, an assist, and a roommate. He is a narrator of the story and Sherlock Holmes loyal assistance. He is a doctor by profession and has a background as a surgeon in the British Army. Dr. Watson falls in love with Miss Morastan and in the end, asks her to marry him.

(2)In the quest of solution trio, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Mary Morastan a new client of Holmes are put into a four-wheeled London cab, and are being taken to an unknown place on an unknown errand’.
It was a September evening and not yet 7 o’clock, but the day had been dreary and dense drizzly fog lay low upon the great city. They pass by Rochester Row, Vicent Square, Vauxhall Bridge Road, then went to Surrey side and even could see the river.
They arrived at the irregular path, Wordsworth Road, Lank Hall Lane, Stockwell Palace, Robert Street, and Coldharbour Lane. Finally, they arrived at the rows of two-storied Villas with a fronting of miniature garden.
In the end, they arrived at the third house on the new terrace. Then from the third-rate suburban dwelling-house, a service said, ‘The Sahib awaits you’.

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Reference: Uttam’s Noble Publication House 


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