Mumbai University Results updates

Mumbai University Results updates

  1. What is RR in Result?
  2. What is RCC in Mumbai University’s result?
  3. What is RPV in Mumbai University results
  4. What is @ mean?
  5. What is RLE in Mumbai University’s results?

What is RR in Result?

RR means Results held in Reserve. Results are normally held in reserve for the following reasons.

  • Non-passing of lower examinations
  • Non-receipt of Transfer / Eligibility Certificate
  • Non-submission of First Degree certificate required for Masters Degree results etc.
  • Apply for declaration of result through respective college / Institution with a copy of the statement of marks of lower examination, first-degree certificate, certificate of eligibility / Transfer, etc. whatever is applicable.
  • Upon receipt of the application duly recommended by the college with relevant documents/information and completion of the process result will be declared within the following period.

What does held for reserve mean in Mumbai University result?

In Mumbai university results, ‘held for reserve’ implies that the result of a candidate is not declared for reasons of not satisfying one or more of the university requirements such as

  • Lower examination not cleared.
  • Suspected unfair means resorted in the examination.

What does RPV mean after the declared result of Mumbai University?

Held in reserve means that you are either passed or failed but due to some problem they are not sure about your result. So, in such scenario you should try to reach the concerned authority of the Mumbai University itself.

Results are normally held in reserve for the following reasons:

  1. Non passing of lower examinations
  2. Non receipt of Transfer / Eligibility Certificate
  3. Non submission of First Degree certificate required for Masters Degree results etc.

What does “E: EXMP CAN BE CLAIMED” mean in the Mumbai University result list?

The abbreviation “E: EXMP CAN BE CLAIMED” in the Mumbai University result list stands for “E: Exemption can be claimed.” It indicates that a student has scored well enough in a particular subject to be eligible for an exemption from appearing in the exam for that subject in future attempts.

It means if you failed in semester 6 in two subjects or 3 three subjects you have to give ATKT Exams only for failed exams.

What is RCC in Mumbai University’s result?

If students get caught while copying in exams consider as RCC  case


  1. Sir atkt exams for tyba june july session both 5th and 6th sem will be completed before the month for Dec 2023…or will it get extended beyond dec ?

  2. Sir in result, along with RR it’s showing F in one subject is it possible due to delay in some documentary process.

    1. F means ‘Fail’ and RR is reserved (documents pending) for more clarity visit college or university of Mumbai with your necessary document

  3. In my class all diploma student have RPV in mu final year result and for regular they don’t have! What does it mean?

  4. I have passed in all subjects in sem 6 and only failed in 1 subject with 33 marks. Can I get grace marks in revaluation? (Passing in 40 mks)

    1. yes probably get, I will suggest apply for revaluation if you have written or also apply for ATKT once idol mumbai university declares notice

  5. In my result it shows RPV due to which my college haven’t received the result. Untill when will I recieve my result or do I have to follow some documentation or criteria to recieve my result

  6. Sir In sem 7 result it is showing AA in one subject and showing unsuccessful, although I have written very well in exam, haven’t got my sem 7 result even in updated result

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