Summary Writing: HSC Writing Skills 2021

Summary Writing

Write the short summary of the above  extract with a suitable title with the help of the given points/hints

My son starts school today. It is all going to be strange and new to him for a while and I wish you would treat him gently. It is an adventure that might take him across continents. All the adventures probably include wars, tragedy, and sorrow. To live this life will require faith, love, and courage.

So, dear teachers, will you please take him by his hand and teach him things he will have to know but gently, if you can. Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend. He will have to know that all men are not just, that all men are not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero that for every crooked politician, there is a dictated leader.

Teach him if you can that 10 cents earned are of far more value than $1 found. In school, teach him it is far more honorable to fall than to cheat. Teach him to learn how to gracefully lose, and enjoy winning when he does win.
Teach him to gentle with people, tough with tough people. Steer him away from envy if you can and teach him the secret of quiet laughter. Teach him if you can how to laugh when he is sad, teach him there is no shame in tears. Teach him there can be glory in failure and despair in success. Teach him to scoff at cynics.

Teach him if you can the wonders of books, but also give time to ponder the extreme mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and flowers on the green hill. Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tells him they are wrong.

Try to give my son strength not to follow the crowd where everyone else is doing it. Teach him to listen to everyone, but teach him also to filter all that he hears on a screen of truth and take only good that comes through.

Teach him to sell his talent and brain to the highest bidder but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul. Let him have the courage to be impatient, let him have the patience to be brave. Teach him to have sublime faith in himself, because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind, in God. This is the order, teachers but see what the best you can do. He is a nice little boy and my son. (Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s teacher)

Q.2. (B) Summary:

Write a summary of the above extract in short with the help of the given clues and suggest a suitable title.

Abraham Lincoln’s letter to the teacher – adventures – humanity – honesty – child tackle ups and down in life – book reading – not to follow crowd – message – conclusion.


Abraham Lincoln’s Appeal to the Teacher 

This is a letter written by Abraham Lincoln to his son’s teacher and it is full of optimism and values he believed in. The letter has universal appeal. It shows Lincoln’s passion and zeal for learning. The purpose of education as stated by Lincoln elsewhere is to inculcate honor and character among the children. Extract says education is a potential tool for building up the all-around personality of the student, transferring him into a successful human being and an excellent global citizen. The letter has a far-reaching impact on the whole gamut of education. It answers a number of challenges, encountered by policymakers of education today.

Q.2. (B) Summary writing 

Write the short summary of the above  extract with a suitable title with the help of the given points/hints

(Need of information Technology – need of digital skills – development – economy – various sectors – banking sector – insurance sector – service rendering to people.)

In the coming years, requirements for rapid changes in the skills of a large number of people in periods of say three to five years many become a continuous feature when newer technologies are introduced into the economy. Such rapid changes will cover all sectors. underlining how the agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors are intertwined. In the agriculture sector there will be better optimization of input resources like seeds, soil conditioning, fertilizer micronutrient mixes, and pesticides, and so on, as well as changes in the overall agriculture management. The agriculture sector may also use remote sensing through satellites for regular monitoring of crops and soil conditions or water resources, or for better weather forecasts through satellites and ground-borne system. Or in the use of modern communication to be in closer touch with old or new markets. Water quality may be monitored more carefully in the future theater for human or animal consumption. Rapid improvements in advanced sensors would make it possible to have such a sensing system at affordable prices in many of our sectors.

In the industry and manufacturing sector, of course, the uses of sensors, and modern electronics, and information technology will be a continual feature requiring rapid reorientation of the skills of not only the workforce but also the entire management including the board level operations. Installation of IT system for all these sectors, training persons at all level and maintaining and improving their skills would be a major service industry.

Despite voluminous growth in the banking and insurance sector, processing and transactions have been carried out by largely manual means. A national network of banking and insurance business has to emerge. This lack adversely affected efficiency and is a major cause of the high rates charged for financial services. The introduction of IT for various operations at the earliest has become a necessity. This means the use of computers for near-total electronics data management and the use of telecommunications and multimedia data, adopting a total system approach.


Digital Technology

The above extract about the future imagination that information technology and digital skills are very much needed in the development of an individual as well as the economy of the country. The sectors like the agriculture industry could make use f sensors and modern electronics and information technology for its development. The banking and insurance sector also need to use IT for various operations to send service to the public.

Q.2. (B) Summary writing 

Write the short summary of the above  extract with a suitable title with the help of the given points/hints

(Youth contribution today…….ignited minds……science empower the nation………students question…….dignitaries reaction.)

Dear friends,

I realize how the contribution of youth in the past has continuously contributed to the world of today in many fields. I would like to assert that no youth today need to fear about the future. Why? The ignited mind of youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, user the earth, and above the earth. Dear young friends I would like to talk to you on the topic ‘I am born with wings.’

Last year I went to a village t inaugurate a program called Sasthrayaan, which means ‘the propagation of science’. The mission of Sasthrayaan was to ensure the preparation of about two thousand students from different schools, towards making them eligible to an engineer, scientists, doctors, qualified managers, and civil servants. This action would be, in turn, empower about two thousand families of the village. My inaugural address to a mixed audience, consisting of five thousand students and family members was on the topics, ‘Science Empower the Nation.’

After my address, hundreds of hands were raised for asking questions. Due to the limited availability of time, I selected twelve students at random, from the last row to the first, to ask questions. I would like to share with you one question of great concern which was asked by a student.

The question was from a teenager who had come from a faraway village. He was nervous and a typical representative of the youth of India. The boy began speaking, “Sir, I don’t know what I should ask. I am nervous. I have not asked any question in my class. I need to have confidence, but I have not gained any confidence through my education during all these years. I am afraid to talk to my teachers. I am afraid to talk to my friend. Whenever I talk, I compare myself with other students and their elegant dress. Please tell me. I want to become a marine engineer. I want to travel on a ship. I want to be the captain of the ship. I want to build the engine of the ship. shall be able to do all these, sir? How can I achieve this mission? What should I do? When the boy completed the question the entire audience and the dignitaries on the dais including the Chief Minister, were looking at me wondering what Kalam was going to say to a sincere question of a young village boy.’


Youth an Asset

The above extract is a speech delivered by former president DR. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at the inauguration program called Sasthrayan’. The meaning of Sasthrayan is ‘propagation of science’. Kalam sir feels, ignited mind of youth is the most powerful resource on the earth. Two thousand students were present for the program which was going o empower these two thousand families. Many students wanted to ask him questions after the speech but due to lack of time, he selected 12 students to ask the questions. A question asked by a student who was nervous and had no confidence despite education made Kalam sir feel concerned. He wanted to be a marine engineer. Everybody was waiting in wonder for Kalam sir’s answer.

Q.2. (B) Summary writing 

Write the short summary of the above  extract with a suitable title with the help of the given points/hints

(Increasing environment pollution……..pollution result of……contamination of the things……….survival problem…….need to control……..including humans all in dangers……population growth)

       It is true that progress in knowledge has led to the development of science and technology, which has, in turn, profoundly altered our environment. For example, fertilizers and insecticides have increased agriculture output, which is required to feed the swelling population of the world. However, both give rise to population. Each one in the modern modern world has accumulated in our bodies a few milligrams of D.D.T., which is organ-chlorine, a type of insecticide. The D.D.T. level in fish is rising and already some fish eating the bird and becoming sterile. Fertilizers used in the farmlands are washed away by rain into rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. The heavy intake content in fertilizers leads to wild growth of vegetation in them, which in turn de-oxygenizes the waters and, as a result, all the fish is lost.

Massive industrialization too has led to serious pollution of the environment. Millions of tons of smoke, sulfur gas, ash, and unknown quantities of toxic by-products are sent up every day all over the world and we simply do not know if our chemical involvement is slowly poisoning us all. What is even worse, the increase in carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere from burning oil and coal may, in time, prevent the escape of the sun’s heat from the earth. Leading to the rise in the earth’s temperature, the melting of ice-caps, and arise in the level of the ocean.

The sea has become a cheap dumping ground for all kinds of waste products. Although the sea has a great capacity to break down all kinds of waste, this capacity is not unlimited, especially in shallow seas. Industrial effluent gets washed out to sea, for industries tend to concentrate in coastal areas in order to be able to dispose of unwanted waste cheaply. Atomic wastes, as well as poison gases, are dumped in the sea by industrial and military authorities.

It would be foolish to shut our eyes to the danger of pollution that human beings cause. It is true that more and more people have become aware of the dangers of pollution. Rivers are being gradually resorted to the health; international organizations are trying to keep the seas clean. Industries are being asked to pay large sums to meet the cost of disposing of effluents. Campaigns are being organized against cutting down trees. Public opinion is gradually being aroused to concern, and if all of us become concerned about our environment, we shall be able to keep the Earth habitable for the future generations


World Pollution and Measures to Control it

The given extract expresses fear about the survival of future generations in the context of increasing environmental pollution. This extract enumerates various types of pollution resulting from the advancement of technology. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and even the food we eat today are contaminated. The survival of all living creatures will be in danger if steps are not taken to control the pollution of air, water, and food. The writer stresses that it is not only human beings who are at risk but also the creature living in water and on the earth. All living organisms are affected by pollution and are in grave danger. The growth of population in the world is one of the reasons for pollution.


Q.2. (B) Summary writing 

Write the short summary of the above  extract with a suitable title with the help of the given points/hints

(Bollah’s family background – his blindness – adversities – industrialist – help to the other differently-abled people – his lessons of life)

When he was born everyone ‘advised’ his parents to get rid of the kid as he was blind. But his parents, who were not affluent by any counts, choose to take care of him, that too, to the best of their abilities and gave him an education. Forbes has named him in the list of super achievers from Asia under the age of thirty but visually challenged Shrikant Bhollah is in no mood to celebrate. His goal is to get into the Forbes list of richest person – and he won’t settle for anything else.

Such is the determination of the 25 years – old, who was born blind and overcome all adversities to become the first international blind student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and now heads a rupees 30 crore ($4.6 million) company.

Visiting manufacturing plants in different locations in Telangana and Karnataka, attending business meetings, and, in between, troubleshooting over the phone, the CEO of Bollant Industries is a busy man.

Born in a family of farmers in Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh, life has been one long struggle for him. After passing his class 10th exam he chose to science stream for the plus-two stage but was not permitted to write the Joint Entrance Exam for IIT-aspirants as he was blind.

“I said when IIT doesn’t want me, I don’t want IIT either. Let me find the best opportunity in the world- better than IIT. MIT being the top school in the world, I always wanted to go there and I went there,” said Shrikant, who was B.SC in management from MIT.

When his bachelor’s course was ending few questions hindered Shrikant he decided to give up the ‘golden opportunity,’ in corporate America and come back to India in search of answers to his question.

Shrikant Bollah set up a support service platform to rehabilitate, nurture and integrate differently-abled people into society. Shrikant helped about 300 students in acquiring educational and vocational rehabilitation. Later, when he thought about their employment he builts this company which now employs 150 differently-abled people. Srikanth’s three most important Life lessons are-show to compassion and make the people rich. Include people in your life and remove loneliness, and lastly do something well; it will come back to you. Srikanth Bollah, the guy who was born blind is now a new ray of hope for many people.


Man with vision 

The extract is a story of a blind boy who was in a poor family. Despite people’s advice getting rid of him they looked after him and gave him the best of the education. With his determination, he becomes the first blind student to study at MIT. He was refused admission to IIT. He started his own industry named Bollant Industries and offered a job opportunity to physically disabled children like him. He becomes the richest person in Asia in Forbes list below the age of thirty. He also through the Support Service System rehabilitated thousands of students. Lessons from experience learned our show the compression, make people rich, and remove the loneliness and do something good. The moral or message is that we can overcome any problem in life and can make progress.



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Reference: Uttam’s Noble Publication House 


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