TYBCOM Business Economics Semester 6 Important Questions | Mumbai University 2024

TYBCOM Business Economics Semester 6 Important Questions/ Mumbai University 2024

Module 1

  1. Difference between the Ricardian theory of international trade and the modern theory of international trade
  2. What are the factors affecting terms of trade?
  3. Discuss the J.S. Mills theory of reciprocal demand
  4. Discuss the comparative cost of Ricardian theory/ Ricardian theory of comparative cost

Module 2

  1. Discuss the arguments in favour of and against free trade policy
  2. Discuss the argument in favour of and against the policy protectionism
  3. Explain the economic effects of import tariffs.
  4. Types of tariff
  5. Discuss the arguments in favor of the policy of free trade/protection trade policy
  6. What are the reasons for Britain exiting (Brexit) the European Union?
  7. What is economics integration? Discuss its objectives

Module 3

  1. Discuss the structure of the balance of payment of a country.
  2. Discuss the causes of disequilibrium in Balance of Payment
  3. Discuss  the measures to correct deficit in the Balance of Payment
  4. Discuss the WTO agreement with reference to GATs.
  5. TRIPs, TRIMS,

Module 4

  1. Discuss the factors influencing the demand for and supply of foreign exchange.
  2. Discuss the absolute and relative versions of purchasing power parity theory
  3. Explain managed flexible exchange rate system in India.
  4. Explain the role of Central Banks in managing exchange rate.

Short Notes

  1. Arbitrage
  2. Spot and forward exchange rates
  3. European Union
  4. ASEAN
  5. Heckscher-Ohlin theory of international trade
  6. Objective of commercial policy
  7. Types of economic integration
  8. Functions of the foreign exchange market

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