TYBCOM Cost Accounting Semester 5 Paper Solution 2023 University of Mumbai

TYBCOM Cost Accounting Semester 5 Paper Solution 2023 University of Mumbai


Q1 A. Select the most appropriate option and rewrite the full sentence  (1 mark for each answer, maximum 10 marks.

  1. a.Direct
  2. a.Direct
  3. d.Opportunity Cost
  4. a.EOQ
  5. b.Category B
  6. a.FIFO
  7. a.Piece work plan
  8. c.Rowan Syatem.
  9. a.Prime Cost
  10. b.Factory Cost.
  11. c.18000
  12. .d.12000

Group A  Group B
Bank Charges c.Administrative cost
Coding System e.Facilitates entry collation
Ordering Cost i.Goods inspection expenses
Economic Order Quantity k.Size of purchase order
Idle Time j.Power failure
Rowan Premium Plan b.Individual bonus plan
Over Absorbed Overheads h.Absorbed overheads less Actual overheads
Quality Control d.Service Cost Centre.
Prime Cost g.Chargeable expenses.
Loose tools written off l.Factory Overheads.
Upkeep of delivery Vans a.Selling Overheads
Loss by Fire f.Excluded in cost books.

Answer 1-c; 2-e; 3-i; 4-k; 5-j; 6-b; 7-h; 8-d; 9-g; 10-l; 11-a; 12-f


M/s. Ashish Manufacturing Company manufactures two types of products viz. M and N. The information for the year ended on 31st March, 2022 is as under:

Particulars Products
 M (₹) N (₹)
Direct Material per Unit 300 360
Direct Labour per Unit 180 150
Direct expenses per unit 120 240

Additional Information:

  1. Factory expenses are charged at 20% of prime cost.
  2. Office expenses are charged at 25% of works cost
  3. 6,000 units of product M were produced of which 4,500 units were sold and 15,000 units of product N were produced of which 13,500 units were sold.
  4. Selling expenses are Rs.45 per unit for product M and Rs.60 per unit for product N.
  5. Company charges a profit at 20% on sales for both the products
    Prepare a cost sheet showing the cost and profit in total as well as in per unit
TYBCOM Cost Accounting Semester 5 Paper Solution
TYBCOM Cost Accounting Semester 5 Paper Solution 2023

2B (i)
From the following information value closing stock as on 30-9-2023 applying Weighted
Average Method.

Units Rate Per Unit 
Opening stock
01-09-2023 7875 10.00
17-09-2023 4830 8.40
22-09-2023 2520 9.00
09-09-2023 3255 13.20
18-09-2023 2415 12.60
20-09-2023 3045 10.80
30-09-2023 4935 11.40

TYBCOM Cost Accounting Semester 5 Paper Solution 2023


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