TYBCOM Commerce Semester 5 Important Questions University of Mumbai

TYBCOM Commerce Semester 5 Important Questions University of Mumbai

TYBCOM Commerce Important Question of Mumbai University 2022

If you are searching for an Important question of commerce semester-5 and TYBCOM marketing semester-5, I must say you are right place. I have added an important question module wise check below with notes.

Module- 1

  1. Explain Marketing and Its Function.
  2. Explain the Component of MIS.
  3. Explain Factors that influence Consumer Behaviour.
  4. Explain various bases for Market Segmentation.
  5. What is Data Mining? Discuss its significance in marketing.

Module- 2

  1. Explain various factors influencing Pricing.
  2. Explain Product Positioning and its Strategies.
  3. Explain Brand Equity and the factors that influence Brand Equity.
  4. Explain Packaging and It Essentially.
  5. What is Branding? Discuss its components.

Module- 3

  1. Explain the different types of traditional Channels of Distribution.
  2. What is Promotion? Explain the important elements of Promotion-mix.
  3. Discuss the components of Sales Management.
  4. Discuss the process of Personal Selling
  5. Explain the  Scope & Importance of IMC
  6. What is supply chain management? Examine the components of SCM

Module- 4

  1. Explain the general role of consumer organizations in protecting consumers against unethical practices by marketers
  2. What is Digital Marketing? Explain the trends in digital marketing
  3. Discuss the skill sets required for effective marketing
  4. Explain the competitive strategies of Market Leaders and Market Followers.
  5. What are the features of the Indian Rural Market?
  6. Elaborate on various careers in marketing in the 21st century.

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TYBCOM Commerce semester Question paper 2022

Commerce sem 5 university question paper 2022

How to write long answers to theory papers:

(1)Start with an introduction (2) draw a diagram or mind mapping of points  (3) explain the points (4) conclusions

Q.1 Explain Marketing and Its Function.

  • Marketing is the process of analyzing, creating, and providing value to meet the needs of a target market in terms of goods and services; potentially including a selection of a target audience.
  • The scope of marketing is wider. Marketing is concerned with the exchange or transfer of ownership from Sellers to Buyers this is the physical distribution of goods and services. large scale and orderly conduct of marketing, many supplementary activities are called marketing functions or services.
  • These functions are useful to conduct marketing activities on a large scale and are called part of the marketing process. For instance transportation, warehousing, packaging, advertising, branding, etc.
  1. Marketing research is a process of collecting information about the consumers, the competitors, etc. it collects information about the consumer’s likes, dislikes, tastes preferences, and buying habits It also collects information about the competitor’s product price, etc. Then it studies all this information very carefully helps the company to solve Marketing Problems.
  2. Advertising: The objective of advertising is to create awareness of the products. And now-s-days advertising is assumed to be one of the most effective ways of promoting goods and services. Advertising helps businesses to create a brand image in the market.
  3. After Sales service: To promote corporate images businesses must provide effective after-sale-service. nowadays customers expect additional services so if possible firms must provide to their customers building corporate images and loyalty in a competitive market.
  4. Sales Promotion: Sales promotion involves various tools to influence the customers to buy the products. The sales promotion tools include: Buy-back offers, Coupons or cash vouchers, Discounts Exchange Offers, Free samples, Free Gifts, etc. so Sales promotion is an important element.
  5. Physical Distribution: It is an important function of marketing to make available products at customers’ convenient places and on time. It includes the place of distribution and the channels used for the distribution of firms’ products. For this objective, the marketer can select either the direct or indirect channel to reach the products to the buyers.
  6. Customer Relationship Management: CRM is concerned with managing detailed information about customers. The purpose of CRM is to improve customer loyalty Therefore, firms must place focus on Most Valued Customers.
  7. MIS Management: MIS is a marketing information system. A systematic MIS helps business firms to gather, and analyze. and distribute accurate information to marketing decision-makers.
  8. Packaging: Packaging includes designing the package, producing the package, and actual packing of goods. Packaging plays an essential role in marketing. It gives protection and identification to the goods. It is also convenient for handling the goods, paper bags, plastic covers, glass bottles, tin containers, etc. are used for packing the goods.
  9. Branding In branding, a specific name, sign, or symbol is given to the product for its easy and quick marketing. for instance iPhone, Samsung, Bata, Reliance, etc. Branding is an essential marketing function and also promotes sales.
  10. Pricing: Pricing is one important marketing function. Price is the utility of a product represented in terms of money. A producer or trader has to fix the market price of his product after Reviewing production cost, marketing cost, profit margin, and prices fixed by his rivals. Decisions on the pricing are ways difficult and delicate. A marketing manager needs knowledge, experience, and intelligence to a determined reasonable price for his product.
  11. Salesmanship/Personal Selling: One of the essential areas of marketing involves selling. The personal selling team or the sales force makes a big difference not only in promoting the products but also to generate goodwill for the firm.
  12. Product planning and development: product planning means selecting products as per customers’ needs and requirements and the correct medium of promotion and distribution channel for regular resupply. Product is the base of the entire marketing process so the product must be as per the needs and expectations of customers.

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