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TYBCOM Marketing Research Semester-6 Important Question of Mumbai University 2023

If you are searching for an Important question of TYBCOM Marketing Research semester-6 or Marketing Research semester-6 question papers, I must say you are right place. I have added an important question of marketing research module-wise check below with notes and old Mumbai university question papers of marketing research.


  1. What is Test Marketing? Explain different methods of Test Marketing.
  2. Discuss the methods of Price research/ Explain the Methods of price research.
  3. What is Price research? Explain factors influencing pricing.
  4. What is product research? explain the steps in new product development.
  5. What is Brand Research? Explain its importance.
  6. Explain the term Price Research. Discuss its importance.


  1. What is physical distribution research? explain its importance.
  2. Explain the difference between Physical distribution and SCM
  3. Explain the types of Physical distribution.
  4. Describe various elements of promotion with examples.
  5. Discuss the Components of supply chain management.
  6. Describe the difference between direct and indirect channels.
  7. What are the elements of Promotion research?
  8. Discuss the Importance of promotion of research
  9. Describe the scope of Advertising research.
  10. Explain the Pre & post testing methods of advertising effectiveness
  11. What are the techniques are their Post-Test?
  12. What is consumer research? Explain different methods of conducting consumer research.
  13. What are the different between consumer research and Motivation research?
  14. What are the objectives of consumer research?


  1. What is sales research? explain its significance.
  2. Discuss the scope of sales research.
  3. Explain various sources of data collection for conducting rural marketing research.
  4. Analysis the do’s and don’ts in rural marketing research
  5. Explain the features of Indian rural market
  6. Define global marketing. Explain the factors influencing global marketing.
  7. Discuss the needs of global marketing.
  8. Describe the scope of global marketing


  1. Explain the factors involved in organizing Marketing Research activity.
  2. What are the methods of organizing Marketing Research activity?
  3. Explain the different types of structures of organising In-house marketing department.
  4. What are the merits and demerits of professional research agencies?
  5. Explain the structure of Professional Marketing Research agencies.
  6. Write a note on services offered by Indian marketing research Bureau(IMRB) and Operations Research Group (ORG)
  7. What are the differences between HTA and ORG?

Short Notes:

  1. Describe the agencies Nielson
  2. Packaging Research
  3. Product testing and test marketing
  4. Pre-testing Methods of Advertising Effectiveness
  5. Features of Indian Rural Markets
  6. Professional Standards
  7. Product Research
  8. Motivational research

TYBCOM Marketing Research Semester 6 PDF Notes 

Paper pattern of Marketing Research subject

Q.1 Objectives  20 Marks
Q.2 Answer any two of the following (three questions will be given in form a,b,c) 15 marks
Q. 3   15 Marks
Q.4 15 Marks
Q.5 15 marks
Q.6 Write a Short Notes (Any four ) six questions will be asked  20 Marks

How to write long answers to theory papers:

(1)Start with an introduction (2) draw a diagram or mind mapping of points  (3) explain the points (4) conclusions

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