Career After 12th Arts: Best Courses After 12th Arts in 2021

Career After 12th Arts:  Best Courses After 12th Arts in 2021

Career After 12th Arts

Courses and Career options after passing 12th from Arts stream. Here is the list of 19 Degree Courses to choose from after passing out your 12th from the Arts stream.

Career After 12th Arts

1. BA- Bachelor of Arts, Duration- 3 years

Bachelor of Arts a degree course you can do a BA in many subjects like “Psychology, History Archaeology, Economics, Journalism, Mass Communication, Hindi, English, Malayalam, and many more regional languages, Maths, Sociology, Politics, Indian Culture, Social work, etc in whichever you are interested can do the degree course.

You also get job opportunities by doing these courses. Doing the courses and having skills are both different phenomenons. You can get good jobs if you have both together. There are nowadays have great opportunities for BA students in the Job sector.

2. BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration, Duration- 3 years

BBA is a Degree Course that can be done by the Commerce as well Arts students. There are colleges that provide admission in BBA after passing out 12th from Arts. If you are interested to go into the Business sector this degree course will be beneficial.

In Mumbai University, BBA is similar to BMS ( Bachelor of Management Studies) so if you are planning to study the same course from Mumbai University then take BMS that is similar to BBA.

 3. BMS- Bachelor of Management Science Duration- 3 years.

4. BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts Duration- 3 years.

5. BHM- Bachelor of Hotel Management

Duration- 3/4 years (depends on the college) Short-term course certificates are also available in it.

6. BEM- Bachelor of Event Management, Duration- 3/4 years

The events to organise are Weddings, Parties, Corporate level parties and many more. There are companies that hire people, and also you can start up your own company. There are courses and diplomas available for it.

7. BA LLB- integrated law course. Duration- 5 years.

BA and LLB courses are done together to become a lawyer.

8. BJM or BJMC- Business of Journalism and Mass Communication. Duration- 3 years.

It is a vast field and has a great demand for it in the future. especially content writer

9. BFD- Bachelor of Fashion Designing. Duration- 3/4 years.

10. BCA Bachelor of Computer Application.

If you are interested to know about Database Computer Languages, Internet, Digital Marketing, Web Designing you can go for it.

Previously, Maths was an important and compulsory subject to choose BCA for a career but now even the students who passed out their 12th from Arts stream can do it. There are Colleges available to provide admission to Arts students in BCA.

If you want to go into the IT sector, after doing BCA you get job opportunities in IT companies. You become a Software Developer or Software Engineer. In the future there will be a great demand for BCA students as today’s world has become an E-Commerce and it is taking place rapidly, so there will also be an increased demand for it. There is also the next level of it called MCA.

11. BP.Ed Bachelor of Physical Education. In this Degree Course, you learn about Physical Education.

12. DEI.EDU- Diploma in Elementary Education.

if you are interested in teaching at the primary level go for this course and if you want to teach higher secondary after this course go for M.Ed. after completion of graduation and post-graduation

13. BSW- Bachelor in Social Work. Duration- 3 years.

If you want to be a social worker or a social activist then you can go for this Degree Course.

14. Animation and Multimedia courses- Duration- 1-3 years.

15. Cabin Crew Aviation-

you get direct joining in aviation after passing out 12th exams. There are different available courses you can do in it, to prepare for interviews. You get jobs in the flights or other different posts of different levels. There is a membership, where both male and female can be a part of it. There is a demand for one more course nowadays that is Travel and Tourism. Degrees and Certificates are available for it.

16. Teacher

There are many students who are interested in being a teacher. If you want to be a teacher of a particular subject or field like Economics then do a BA in Economics in continuation and go for B.Ed. There are also options of different Teacher Training Courses from which you can be a teacher.

17. Professional Arts-

If you like to Sing, Dance, play Guitar, Acting and many more so you can give a professional look to it. There are requirements in this field of choreographers, directors, dancers, it is a good career option to choose. You have many courses available in it.

18. Graphic Designing, Animation-

How to create Cartoons, Animated movies, etc. There are requirements available in these courses.

19. CFA- Chartered Financial Analyst

If a student is interested in a Financial line or for Financial Certification like CFA can choose these. It is now a globally accepted field and has no such criteria of Science or Commerce student can only do it.

There are many options available for Arts students, it just depends on the interest of a student. One should not underestimate the Arts students or the Art Stream. All faculty have their own importance of themselves and play a great role in the development of a student’s career.

All this was the Courses and Diploma Degrees which you can do. There are two types of courses available: professional courses where you get direct jobs in it, though they are of an entry-level type. The other type is you have to study and continue further to get a good job opportunity. Now we will have a look at the job options available directly after passing the 12th and 15th exams.
● Banking level or clerical jobs
● BCA coding you can do after your graduation
● Hotel Management courses
● BJM or BJMC you get direct jobs from the media
● Call Centres job

A person should know English and must have good command and fluency in it. By having a good command of the English language you get a good package. There are also posts available where one can use their regional languages.

let me know in the comment if I missed any course 

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